Explorer Tours is an adventure company which specialises in tailor-made adventure experiences for family holidays. We also offer wellness solutions and team-building packages for corporate houses looking for unconventional perspectives to team building and employee well-being.



Explorer Tours experiences bring out the adventurous spirit within, with tours that are suitable for people of all ages! The list of activities to indulge in range from trekking, dune buggy tours, sunset desert tours, hiking trails, desert motorsports, Wadi Shah treks, overnight desert safaris, Liwa desert tours and private dinners in the desert. As an added attraction, we also offer you the choice of customising your experience out on the magical desert sands so that any event or special occasion you have coming up will be one you won't soon forget!


We love being healthy!

Physical activity promotes a healthy, positive lifestyle which, in turn, garners a positive approach in the office space as well. Explorer Tours’ outdoor activities are efficacious tools for individual and team-building purposes and help in strengthening corporate missions. We specialise in offering bespoke, creative and engaging activities which are aimed at achieving team goals and interests.

The difference is we care.

The core of any organisation is its people. Ours comprises of skilled leaders with experience in the field who are also fun, friendly human beings, adept at crafting experiences that exceed client expectations.

Take a chance to reconnect with Nature.

Our recreational attractions take you to locations off the beaten path, helping you connect with nature, wildlife and new and refreshing landscapes.

Safety is our middle name!

We evaluate our experts, vehicles and equipment on a constant basis to maintain our standard of service, improve upon its quality, and ensure our service has the client’s safety on top priority.