Air Experiences

Experience the perfect way to view Dubai and its architectural wonders from the sky.

Explore with our Helicopter and Balloon tour.

helicopter Tours Experiences

Enjoy the luxury of exploring Dubai from a Helicopter, How safe is our Helicopter Tours? Fly with our experienced pilot and well-maintained aircraft. Choose your package from 12 minutes short to 30 minutes long tours. We assure you of an unforgettable and safe trip.

Helicopter Tours Dubai

AED 675 ( $183.77 ) Per Person

12 Mins Iconic Tours

Book our Iconic Tours and get an unforgettable view of the emirate

in just 12 Minutes. In this short tour, you get instructions from our crew,

enjoy the stunning view of the city, and capture the experience with your camera.

helicopter tours dubai

AED 855 ($ 232.78 ) Per Person

17 Mins The Palm

Reserve our The Palm Tours, for 17 minutes.

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Man-made wonder of the

Palm Islands and the beautiful city.

Helicopter Tours Dubai

AED 1,235 ($336.24) Per Person

22 Mins Vision

The 22-minute Vision Tour Plan views the most well-known landmark in the city.

You might tour some of Dubai’s most unique locations with this

22-minute Vision Tour Plan.

Helicopter Tours Dubai

AED 1,720 ($468.28) Per Person

30 Mins The Grand

The most popular choice is the 30-Minute Grand Tour Plan.

You’ll have the chance to visit some of Dubai’s most fascinating sights with

this 30-minute grand tour plan.

Hot air balloon Experiences

Our Hot Air Balloon Dubai tour takes pleasure in offering our guests spectacular hot air balloon experiences while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. We place the utmost value on giving our guests a hot air balloon experience they will never forget. For all the adventure seekers join us for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Air Tours Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Drive & Breakfast

There is a lot more to the Balloon Adventures trip than a hot air balloon ride. You’ll never forget floating over the magnificent dunes of the Dubai desert in the morning. Driving on vintage Land Rovers through the desert with a magnificent breakfast.

AED 1350 ($367.54) Adult

Overnight Desert Safari &
Hot Air Balloon

Experience a unique sunrise experience with a hot air balloon ride along with the desert safari Dubai desert. Add an overnight desert safari to your hot air balloon trip to make it longer.

AED 4900 ($1334.05) 2 Person

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Private Couple Hot air Balloon with Gourmet Breakfast

One of the most romantic experiences in Dubai is a hot air balloon trip, and nothing beats taking your special someone up in your own private balloon basket. Enjoy the breathtaking view with your loved one.

AED 12,950 ($3525.70)