The Desert Fox Experience – A Dune Buggy in Dubai Guide

Need an offbeat and interesting way to enjoy the sands of the desert? How about a ride in our notoriously famous Desert Fox dune buggies? Among the many dune buggies in Dubai, the Desert Fox stands out as being a cut above the rest and the Explorer Tours Dune Buggy packages are right up your alley!

The Desert Fox was specially designed by our CEO keeping in mind the various shortcomings of other dune buggies and sand rails currently in the market. As a result, the experience you get out of being behind the wheel of the Desert Fox is one like no other! What’s more, you don’t need to know how to drive to get in the driver’s seat, but more on this in a bit.


The Desert Fox is a solid construct equipped with state-of-the-art suspension, safety harnesses and transmission systems. This means you’ll have all the horsepower you need to fuel that adventurous passion. The bucket seats and a roll cage add an extra dimension of safety so that you’re in complete control and confidence when you grip the steering wheel and hit the throttle.

For added safety, we also provide you with a helmet and goggles. You’ll also have our technical team accompanying you during your adventure for any assistance you might need!


None whatsoever! You really don’t even need to know how to drive. After a quick briefing from our professionals, you’ll be given the opportunity to get out on the sand and enjoy a memorable experience! The Desert Fox is equipped with automatic transmission systems which give you the flexibility to focus on your experience rather than the finer details.

Participants can follow a desert convoy over the dunes. You will have opportunities to take off on your own over the shifting red and gold sands once you are familiar with the terrain. The tour leaders will be nearby to assist you with any questions or problems.

As an added benefit, we also offer pick-up and drop-off services, and you will be provided with refreshments to soothe your senses!

You can avail either the morning or evening slots, or try one of our crafted packages that allow you the option of combining experiences such as camel trekking, private dinners, desert safaris or even push the tempo and plan an overnight stay to truly immerse yourself in the adventure spirit!

Save your time and book your experience online! We accept payment via credit and debit cards, and both VISA and MasterCard is accepted. We also accept bank transfers, and you are urged to get in touch with us for bank transfer details. Do you have questions or require additional information? Get in touch with us today and book a package that best suits your needs!