Adventure Activities in Dubai during Summer

If you’ve been asking yourself what to do in Dubai during summer, I hear you. The city goes underground during the day because of the scorching hot temperatures outside. I remember when I first touched down in Dubai, how the air felt when I got out of the lap of air conditioning. The blast of heat that slapped me brought tears to my eyes! But for those brave souls looking to get their daily dose of vitamin D and quench their thirst for adventure, here is our curated list of activities you can immerse yourself in:


Number one on this list involves you having to get out of the city… and head into the desert. I know, sounds crazy right? But come sunset, the dunes offer a great space to let loose and hit the throttle in dune buggies. Never driven in your life? Don’t sweat the details! The Desert Fox sand rail requires little to no experience and, guided by our instructors, you’ll be drifting like a professional! All-round family fun guaranteed, this is a perfect way to start your summer rebellion and kick back with friends and family.

Available in single- and double-seater options, the Desert Fox is designed to deliver a safe, yet thrilling adventure. Fitted out with a roll cage, bucket seats, safety harnesses and shock absorbers, this fully-automatic beast hits speeds of up to 160kmph, leaving you in command of an extremely agile vehicle. The Explorer Tours team also has professionals on-hand to tackle any problems you might face. So, rest assured, you’re in good hands!


Fancy the water a bit more? Beat the heat and break some waves as you take to the pristine blue waters of the Persian Gulf in your very own Yamaha VXR jet ski. Whether you’ve been on one before or not, these jet skis are stable and are considerably easy to master, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience once you hit the water.

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend in the water, the tours vary in the distance as well. The longest, where you spend a good two hours on the water, have you circling His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Island, heading all the way to the top of the Palm Jumeirah and finally back to the marina with the Burj Khalifa in full view. The best part about it is you can do so at your own pace, making jetski in Dubai our second option among things to do in summer!

Prices range from AED 370 for the 30-minute stint in the water to AED 935 for a full two hours.


Yes indeed, you read that right! What better way to forget the scorching heat and boiling temperatures outside than to set off on an adventure indoors? Better yet, how about one where you’re all wrapped up to keep warm? Skiing in Dubai in the snow is now possible! The folks at Ski Dubai offer an icy environment that’ll have you rejoicing and marvelling at the beauty of modern technology, where you can ski, snowboard, ride a toboggan, go zip lining, take a chairlift ride, and – my favourite bit – start a snowball fight with your friends!

Located on the ground floor of the Mall of the Emirates, the winter wonderland is divided into four sections – the Snow Park, the Ski Dubai Slope, the Ski School, and Ski Dubai’s resident colony of Gentoo and King penguins. Go zorbing in the Snow Park, learn how to ski from world-class instructors at the Ski School, and put all that practising to the test on the Slope! Too adventurous for you? Chill out with the penguins, as they put on a little show for you called the March of the Penguins! If you feel your fingers turning a shade blue, you can always head on over to their winter-themed Avalanche and Ice Cafe for a cup of hot chocolate. Attention to detail and offering the best escape from the blistering heat put the park at a solid number three on our list!

The park is open every day from 10:00am to 11:00pm.


If you googled water activity in Dubai, you’d get a whole list of things to do. But none of them quite hit the mark when you compare them to the Wild Wadi Waterpark. Life, refreshed, indeed! Number four on our list involves you smearing suntan on yourself, getting those sunglasses out, and setting off to this water park inspired around the tale of Juha, a famous character from Arabian folklore.

Located within the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the park has something for everyone, irrespective of age. Children will love the racing slide and water guns, while the adventure junkies  and thrill-seekers have the like of Tanturm Aley and Burj Surj to look forward to! For those interested in surfing, the Riptide and Wipeout Flowriders offer the ultimate surfing experience. Beauty enthusiasts, rejoice! Wild Wadi has also recently opened up FISHO, an alternative, 20-minute beauty treatment which employs toothless Garra Ruffa fish that exfoliate your feet!

All entrance fees are based on height, and children two years and younger get complimentary access upon presentation of ID.


The piece de resistance, Explorers, is a combination of modern-day Emirati entertainment in the form of dune bashing, coupled with rich and flavorful tastes of Arabia. The allure of the desert during summer is best experienced when you’re lying against the sand with the vast universe above.

Kick it up a notch and blast your way through the sands as you take the helm of the notorious Desert Fox in the Fossil Rock region. The team at Explorer Tours knows just how grueling a day in the heat can be so, by all means, take it out in the sand! A great stress buster, racing sand rails at sunset can work up a real appetite. Wind down the day smoking shisha and sipping on cold refreshing drinks, and even take on sandboarding down the dunes, while the team sets up a cozy traditional setting and prepare a mouth-watering Arabian BBQ. I’d highly recommend taking the overnight package, which offers you the chance to spend the night under a blanket of stars and celestial bodies. The experience is humbling and unforgettable and rounds off our top five things to do in Dubai in summer. Prices vary from AED 1200 for two people, and also caters to groups as large as six people, with each one paying AED 800.

The ultimate choice, however, falls upon you. In Dubai, adventure activities are numerous and cater to your every whim, whether it be sky diving, snorkeling, dune bashing, skiing indoors, or even spending the night under the starry sky. Do you have a list of activities you’d like to do this summer or have any that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!