A leisurely camelback ride throughout the day, followed by a luxuriously traditional meal! You have the choice to ride a camel along a guided trail while taking in the breathtaking desert scenery as part of this desert tourist experience. You’ll be taken to a secluded, exclusive location at sunset. At the same time, our team prepares Arabian food in the style of a BBQ.

The most convenient way to tour the desert in Dubai is on a camel safari. Discover why the Arabian tribes used camels as a mode of transportation, as you travel through the desert in a typical camel caravan. We strictly adhere to animal welfare standards and only provide moral camel safaris in Dubai.

What to expect

What is included in Camel Trekking

The visitor will be picked up from the hotel and driven in a private vehicle to the camel trekking camp. The camel trek will last an hour and will be on a private camel.

After the sandboarding activity and private dinner, which is set up, especially for the guests, you will have your own private meal setup and food served with Shisha. When the private dinner is over, a car will then transport you back to the hotel and drop you there.

What I liked most about Explorer Tour is the service. The friendly staff and the safe camel ride. They make sure to give you a luxury holiday experience that leaves you with a bundle of a pleasant experience to be locked away in the safe of memories.

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