A Timeless Experience

What constitutes a great and adventurous day? How about a round of the Desert Fox Dune Buggy in Dubai? Explorer Tours will make it so you get doorstep pickup and drop off from your hotel in Dubai. Once you reach the desert, you’ll be given a quick instruction on how to handle the sand cars.

Just so you know, our Desert Foxes have a solid roll cage frame, state-of-the-art suspension and shock absorbers, safety harnesses and sand types. This, along with a helmet and safety goggles will give you all the safety measures you need to enjoy a comfortable ride! However, we at Explorer Tours believe your safety is paramount to your experience with us. Therefore, a technical team will be on-site in case you have any issues!

The Explorer Tours experience gives you the flexibility to combine our world-class experiences in a customised package! Whether a desert safari, a scrumptious dinner, a peaceful camel trek or even an overnight stay in the desert, we’ve got a host of experiences that you can mix and match to make a perfect day even more memorable. What’s more, you can choose whether you’d prefer to head out in the morning or bask in the evening glow of the desert sun while you cruise along on your Desert Fox dune buggy safari in Dubai!

Driving On Sand

Although driving on the sand is quite different from driving on the road, don’t let this deter you! You don’t need any prior driving experience to drive our Desert Foxes. However, it is important to note the following significant points:

1) Sand exerts more resistance on the tyres, meaning you’ll have to speed up to climb dunes in order to keep up the momentum.

2) Don’t brake too hard or too quickly! Doing so can get you stuck in the sand. Instead, when you want to slow down, take your foot off the accelerator to enjoy a gradual stop. Avoid powering your way out if you get stuck and attempt to gradually free yourself from the sand. If you’re stuck climbing a slope, head back down the slope and try climbing it again with greater momentum.

3) You will have a higher level of control over the Desert Fox as compared to other dune buggies, but do remember that you’re driving in completely different terrain to normal roads.

Whether it is your first time in Dubai or if you’ve been there all your life, we recommend you try our overnight package that combines the marvel and wonder of the Desert Fox and the mystic and tranquil experience of a night under the Arabian skies. You’ll also get a scrumptious dinner and a hearty breakfast the next morning inclusive in the package! Book this package online now and get the opportunity to live out your own Arabian adventure in the timeless sands. We offer online payments in the form of credit or debit cards and bank transfers. For bank transfers, get in touch with us for details on how to proceed.