The Perfect Time To Visit Dubai

Perfect Time To Visit Dubai

Did you know that Dubai is the most popular weekend getaway in the world, even surpassing Paris? And people are constantly looking forward to their vacation to Dubai, hoping to make the most of it! But, in order to really enjoy your stay in Dubai, one thing you must ensure is that you arrive at a suitable time. And trust us when we say it changes the whole game!

The winter months, from January to March, are ideal for visiting Dubai. As you may be aware, Dubai has two main seasons: hot and hotter. However, the winter months offer their charm and reasons to visit, which we’ll go over in detail. Here’s a breakdown of Dubai’s so-called “Winter Season” and why it’s such a popular tourist destination throughout the world, bringing the city to life!

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Perfect Time To Visit Dubai

The colder months of the year bring much-needed reprieve to the megacity. During the winter season, the air temperature ranges between 17°C to 30°C. In January, the temperature normally dips to a pleasant 25° C. The sun appears in January, but the humidity remains low and the temperature might dip as low as 15°C. The heat begins to rise in February, although the month maintains Dubai’s pleasant streak. Mild rains and infrequent thunderstorms are also common during the season, lasting about 3-4 days and causing minimal disruption to your travels or events. This is the finest time of year to visit Dubai.

January to March

The Perfect Time To Visit Dubai

The winter season in Dubai lasts from January to March, and this is the greatest time to come. The weather is lovely and ideal for outdoor activities of all types. Furthermore, the popular Dubai Shopping Festival is held in January and February, when Dubai is at its busiest. Because it is peak season, hotel costs and airfares tend to skyrocket. Book ahead of time to get hold of the best rates and prevent any trouble.


During this season, Dubai is brimming with activities. The month of November begins with Dubai Design Week, a celebration for the creative community. The 2nd of December is a day of celebration and commemoration in the city, commemorating the Emirates’ independence from Britain. During the Dubai International Film Festival in December, the city is inundated with celebrities. This month, 16 international rugby teams will compete in the Dubai Rugby Seasons. Thousands of tourists flocks to the city in January as New Year’s celebrations erupt around the city. This is followed by the spectacular Dubai Shopping Festival, which is every shopper’s fantasy. Nearly 2 million travelers visit Dubai each year due to sales, discounts, and unbelievable pricing.

The Dubai Marathon and the Dubai Golf Tournament draw the world’s best athletes to this dazzling metropolis every January, keeping the enthusiasm high. Top tennis players arrive in February and March for the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships, extending the sports streak. The annual Jazz Festival, the International Boat Show, Art Shows, and the World Cup in horse racing are all held in Dubai.

Why you should visit right now:

The weather and activities combine to provide a very strong case for visiting Dubai in the winter. This season allows you to wander around the city and enjoy being outside, so take advantage of it by exploring the city’s prominent attractions to your heart’s delight.

January-March Events & Festivals (The Main Attractions!)

New Year’s Eve: Dubai is one of the most popular places to spend New Year’s Eve. The atmosphere is just electrifying, with spectacular events including VIP acts, exquisite food platters, and magnificent fireworks.

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF): To kick off the New Year on a high note, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) runs throughout January. There are some incredible bargains and discounts that take place throughout the whole store, bringing around 2 million visitors from the UAE and other nations. It is every shopper’s joy to buy such amazing brands at such low prices.

 Things to know before you go: The Dubai Shopping Festival has every brand imaginable. It lasts the entire month, from the last week of December to the first week of February. Clothes, gadgets, accessories, fragrances, and home décor will all be at rock-bottom prices. Add to that gourmet festivals, fireworks displays, and fashion exhibitions, and you’ll be at a loss for where to look or what to purchase! Start saving now because this is one shopping excursion you won’t want to miss.

The Dubai Marathon: Usually takes place in the final week of January, attracts world-class runners owing to its distinctive terrain and rich prize money.

Dubai Desert Classic: This golf tournament has attracted some of the world’s top golfers.

 Valentine’s Day: This one is celebrated with particular zeal and gusto in this country. Everything from helicopter trips to hot air balloon rides screams luxury.

Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship: This event attracts great players from all over the globe, including Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Lindsay Davenport.

Dubai’s Jazz Festival: This unique festival features a wide range of jazz styles, including current, fusion, modern, and rock.

Dubai International Boat Show: There are live activities, family entertainment, match racing, sailing and fishing tours, and more at this event! 

Art Dubai: This event is a high-end one that comprises galleries from all over the world.

The Dubai World Cup: is the richest horse race in the world and it takes place in late March. It includes 11 competitive races. It is a glitzy social event with a prize of ten million US dollars.