Top 5 Things to do at Global Village Dubai 2022-2023

Global Village can be looked at as a real-life map of the world. It might not be possible to explore every nook and corner of the world but, Visiting Global village is going to be your one way to globetrot the world and travel through a variety of cultures in the shortest period of time.

Let us see what the Top 5 Global Village Attractions

  • Travel the whole world in 1 day
  • Watch Live Concert and Shows
  • Enjoy the Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone
  • Visit the Fantasy Island
  • Relish the Taste of Multiple Cuisines

Travel the whole world in 1 day

The global village exhibits more than thirty pavilions featuring eighty countries including China. India, Turkey. Egypt and much more. Get introduced to the global cultures of every country enlisted in the global village and enrich your knowledge when it comes to cultures that have remained alien to you till you set foot in the global village. Let the beautiful pavilions smile back at you as you enjoy their miniature versions of the architecture of each country that entraps the glory of the original truly. The array of pavilions cannot cease your amazement, expanding the horizon of cultures by curing your cultural shock. You can also buy products from the enlisted countries from the global village.

Watch Live Concert and Shows

It must come out as a shocker, but more than twenty thousand concerts, musicals, and street performances are organized in the Global village for visitors. It is one of the best things to do in the global village. You can watch renowned artists perform. The concert experience is something that has to be experienced in person. You can watch some of the most famous artists from the middle east, Asia, and other parts of the globe perform right in front of your eyes. Bring life to your heart as it beats fast with the rhythm of music and dance along.

Enjoy the Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone

Inspired by the television show, “Peter Rabbit and his Adorable Companions”, this adventure zone will prove to be worth your while in Global Village. You will find Mr. Rabbit’s Fresh Frame Café where you can Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and organic fruits. You can get yourself to jump and climb in Squirrel Nut Activity Park, potting and plant in Mr. McGeorge’s garden, and watch Peter Rabbit plot in the screen area.

Visit the Fantasy Island

If you are looking for some amusement to refresh your soul, Fantasy Island is the best place you find yourself going, in the Global world. The fantasy world is an amusement park, where you can sign up for endless fun with your family and kids. Some of the thrilling rides that you can enjoy are our demolition derby, Inflatable land, high striker, baby drop tower, bungee trampolines, and crazy water rollers. Apart from over thirty rides, there is an Aquadrome dance floor and a bowling alley to keep people entertained. The Ferris wheel in Fantasy Island displays a countdown of 10 seconds and as the bell strikes twelve, fireworks are launched from different sites. It would sure be an adrenaline-rich experience.

Relish the Taste of Multiple Cuisines

What more can you expect from the global village in Dubai that has made it the mission to bring along the taste of every country along with their cultures? Much more. You get to sample lip-smacking delicacies of multiple cuisines around the world. The global village is one roof to more than two hundred restaurants, street food shops, and cafes where you get to drool over cuisines from all over the world that tingle the tastebuds that you didn’t even know existed before.
Along with tasting local delights like Manousheh, kanufa, date syrup, and others make sure you save space for cuisines from around the world. The specialties range from Lebanese sweets to American delicacies and Indian chaat, golgappa, Chow mein, and Thai seafood.
Exploration of global tours sure cannot be confined to 5 things. But, you can always begin somewhere.