Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2023 Edition


UAE epitomizes dreams, deluxe, diamonds, and Deserts! All around the globe, UAE is renowned for its desert and a whole array of desert activities! Talking of deserts only one picture that pops up is the golden sand spread to the stretching horizon. The desert has always been a pivotal part of the Arabian culture as well as the itinerary of the tourists of UAE.


The Desert in UAE has set the stage for plentiful activities and unique camping options helping people to appreciate the desert in all its glory. Desert camping in UAE is one of the ubiquitous activities to take part in. One of the most exciting ways to explore the UAE and the United Arab Emirates is to go desert camping. Desert camping allows you to explore UAE’s marine life, nature, wilderness, and adventurous activities. The best time to experience desert camping activities in UAE is during the winter months from November to late March, to avoid the unwanted humidity.


But the question is where the best spots for camping in UAE are? Don’t fret; we sorted it out to make it easier for you. Take a look at our top 10 picks (and bonus tips, read till the end)!


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  1. Al Dhafra Beach
  2. Fossil Rock, Sharjah
  3. Jebel Al Jais
  4. Fujairah
  5. White Sands Beach
  6. Al Qudra Lakes
  7. The Hajar Mountains
  8. Umm Al Quwain Beach
  9. Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam
  10. Bedouin Camp


Al Dhafra Beach, Abu Dhabi


Best Camping Spots UAE 2022

Al Dhafra Beach, residing on the fringes of Abu Dhabi, is one of the best desert campsites in the UAE. You can serenely camp near the sea, where you may see a few turtles and other sea life. Apart from camping in the UAE desert, Al Dhafra Beach is an excellent location for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.
Al Dhafra is one of Abu Dhabi’s best beaches. Enjoy fishing here or a delicious grilled fish or snapper on your BBQ grill. The water here is stunning, and it’s ideal for photographing the landscapers at Al Dhafra Beach.

Fossil Rock, Sharjah


Surrounded by golden dunes the Fossil Rocks in Sharjah are one of the perfect sites for large groups and youngsters and definitely adrenaline junkies! Go dune bashing and off-roading in a 4×4. Visiting the Big Red Camel Rock is a must if you would like to try dune buggying at Fossil Rock.  The location is very appealing to tourists because it is close to civilization but also away from the bustle of UAE, providing one of the best experiences.

Private Dinner Desert


Jebel Al Jais

Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Jebel Al Jais, the “Grand Canyon of Oman” is the tallest mountain in UAE, located in Ras AL Khaimah. The scenic views here are just truly amazeballs. Hike up to great viewpoints and admire the canyon of mountains, the hiking track is an easy one, relatively very flat, and easy to climb.
At every sunrise and sundown, campers can gaze out at the vast valleys and mountains. This is the perfect location for lying under a starry night sky and sharing unforgettable moments with your travel buddies. Definitely the experience of a lifetime!


Fujairah, UAE


Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Does the thought of a mountain view with a secluded beach pique your interest? Then this is the place to bring your desires to life!
Fujairah, located on the UAE’s east coast, is an excellent location for private overnight desert camping in Dubai. Fujairah’s views are certain to enchant anyone. If you’re looking for camping in the Dubai desert, this is the place to be. Set up your campsite quickly and easily. You can also go snorkeling and explore the marine life beneath the surface. So, when planning an overnight Dubai desert camp, don’t forget to include Fujairah. Your trip to Dubai will undoubtedly be a fond memory that you will embrace for the rest of your life.


White Sands Beach


Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Straight out of a painting the the white sands beach is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in UAE along the coastal lines of Oman, located in between Fins and Wadi Shab. This beach allows pitching a tent and enjoying the vistas of the ocean from the top of a cliff. The beach is widely known to explore the marine life of the UAE. As heaven for the camping enthusiasts enjoy the coastline here and keep an eye out for the sea urchins close to the beach.


Al Qudra, Dubai


Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Located around a 30minute drive away from the Mall of the Emirates, Al Qudra is one of Dubai‘s most popular desert camping spots. It offers two distinct settings, with one side resembling a desert and the other resembling a beautiful oasis. Surrounded by sand dunes, wild camels Al Qudra is a spectacular place. Camping here is simply fantastic, whether you’re alone, with friends, or with family. It has the perfect scenery straight out of a book. Spend some time admiring the beautiful swans and flamingos by the water, and absorb the beauty of nature.


Hajar Mountains, Oman


Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

The stunning sand dunes, imposing rock formations, and epic summits set apart the iconic Hajar Mountains. Evenly spread out between Oman and UAE, The Hajar Mountains offer an enviable camping experience.


Make sure you have your hiking and trekking gear with you because you will need to trek before you find the ideal spot to pitch your tent. This camping trip is typically preferred by experienced campers who have participated in previous mountain treks. This is also an excellent location for seeing the UAE’s wildlife.


Umm Al Quwain Beach, Umm Al Quwain


Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Do you want to camp along the beach’s shoreline? Feel free to live your fantasy at Umm Al Quwain Beach. From secluded spots to beautiful migratory birds, this site is ideal for those who want to spend time in the midst of nature. Visit the old fishing villages along the peninsula at Al Raas, as well as pick up the fishing gear and cook dinner along the way. Dubai desert camping at Umm Al Quwain Beach is unquestionably a bucket-list experience.


Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam

Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

Beautiful things come with some extra work, so if you want to camp at the Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau in Musandam, you’ll need to apply for a ten-day tourist visa because this area crosses the Al Rams border. However, the entire process is simple and well worthy of the spectacular views and experience! This is a fantastic location for biking, mountain climbing, and trekking. Go fishing or participate in other water activities as well.


Make sure you’re up to date on visa and border regulations.

Bedouin Camp, Dubai

Top 10 Best Camping Spots in UAE 2022 Edition

The Dubai Bedouin camp is ringed by marvelous sand dunes and is miles away from certain human civilizations. You’ve probably heard of the Bedouin Camp, a desert-dwelling community that travels through the desert. It is one of the most luxurious desert camping groups, complete with all civic amenities. The camp covers a diverse range of activities, including belly dance shows, barbeque dinners, and adventure activities.


The “luxury desert camping in Dubai” experience is known for its desert-dwelling group, who can be found traveling and living throughout the Arabian peninsula.


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Which One Struck Your Heart?



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Bonus Tips by EXPLORERS:


  • When it comes to desert camping, you must plan ahead of time so that the day goes smoothly! So, make sure you
  • Check ahead of time and ensure the camping is permitted at the site.
  • Bring food, torches, first-aid supplies, battery chargers, blankets, medicines, a tent and an extra pair of clothes, trekking gear, and trekking boots.
  • Don’t trash. Before you leave your campsite, pick up your trash.
  • At a few locations where organizers do not provide camping, you may be required to bring your own tents.
  • Bring plenty of water with you because you’ll be camping in the desert


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