Top 5 Activities To Do in Dubai During Christmas 2022

Planning for your trip to Dubai this December? Try it out! It is the perfect time to celebrate Christmas while enjoying the Arabian Desert in the winter months when the temperatures are reasonable, with breathtaking views and adventurous activities. You could be asking yourself, “What can I do in the desert?” The best desert activities in Dubai over Christmas are listed here.

1) Desert Safari in Dubai

Christmas is enjoying the snow and cold weather, this time you spend your holidays in the desert. If you want to experience Aladdin fantasies, the perfect time is the Dubai winter season, make sure you do not miss the trip to the desert to ride four-wheel drives on giant dunes.

Desert Safari has plenty of activities: dune bashing, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, camel rides, and so many more thrilling activities. Make sure you book your tickets in advance, you can save a lot of money because during winter months the prices increase.

2) Dune Buggy Safari Dubai

Is a trip to Dubai even complete without visiting the Golden Sands? Every tourist craving an adrenaline rush finds their way to the beautiful Deserts of Dubai. There are a plethora of activities to enroll in. The moderately hot weather allows the desert experience to be far more pleasant and appealing to those who prefer to not get sunburnt on a regular day.
Explorer Tours specializes in providing the best adventure experiences in Dubai and was awarded the Travelers Choice 2021.

Dune Buggy: Explorer Tours is proud to showcase our self-designed and made Dune Buggy – ‘The Desert Fox’. A mean machine with a whopping power of 2000 CC that sets itself apart from all the Dune Buggies that one might come across. Race through the sands and feel the surge of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

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3) Experience the Sunrise from the Dunes

You are welcomed by the warmth and light of summer during Christmas in Dubai. There is no better way to celebrate than the Arabian desert and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise view.

You should travel to the vast Arabian Desert at dawn when the Sun is at its brightest and largest near the horizon. Take in the awesomeness as you admire the golden splendor. The sunrise in the desert is unquestionably the most picturesque sight.

4) Hot Air Ballooning

There is nothing more amazing than taking a hot air balloon safari over a beautiful desert. The vast Arabian desert is perfectly visible from every angle. It is one of the must-try activities in Dubai.
The 24-person capacity hot air balloon gives off an adrenaline rush as it soars through the skies while providing breathtaking vistas. Around here, you can see some of the desert species, which primarily consist of gazelles and camels.

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5) Camel Safari in Dubai

The most traditional way to tour the desert in Dubai is on a camel safari. Discover why the Arabian tribe used camels as a mode of transportation as you travel through the desert in a typical camel caravan. We strictly adhere to animal welfare standards and only provide moral camel safaris in Dubai.
Camel safari typically takes place in the morning and lasts for 45 minutes. Riding in a camel caravan, you may tour the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and discover the desert’s ecosystem. Another highlight of the camel safari in the desert is a hawk performance, where visitors may stroll around and take pictures with the stunning bird.

Booking your tickets in advance is important before making travel plans which can also save you a lot of money. Christmas in Dubai this December will be a unique experience for you, filled with thrilling activities and jaw-dropping scenery.