Make Unforgettable Memories Under The Sun With Those Close To Your Hearts

Ever feel like being trapped in a cage and can’t do anything even if you wanted to? Maybe the urge to scream with all your might to let out those feelings you’ve been keeping in? Or just want to take a break from living in the city and want to take it slow and enjoy nature?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you take a break, come to the desert and watch the sunset as you have dinner with your special ones. Study shows that watching the sunset slows down time. Imagine being at dinner with your friends,  family, or special partner in a restaurant in the city. All of you are talking to each other, telling each other what’s been going on but you’ll have to shout at one another as you can’t really make out what everyone else is saying. A quiet place is what is needed as well, a peaceful place to be is a must. 

But why the desert and why the sunset?

Simple, in the desert not only can you roam around free but also can experience all sorts of activities that will make you want to scream and let all the feelings you’ve kept inside out. Why not try out activities such as sand boarding or something more on trends which is riding dune buggies. 

Watching the sunset alone is great but sharing the experience with loved ones is more amazing. Imagine spending a day in the desert doing all sorts of activities such as sand boarding, riding a dune buggy, camel trekking and to make memories. You can also have dinner and do adventurous activities together such as dune buggy safari, camel trekking, sand boarding or maybe even dune bashing.

Explorer Tours is a company that specializes in dune buggy experiences. We also have a popular package where you can have a private dinner in the middle of the desert. Experience riding a powerful dune buggy in red high dunes and have your skin feel the wind as you go. Drive it yourself and take control of the speed or let one of the experienced staffs as you let your hands up in the air and scream as loud as you want. It’s an amazing way to end such a fast paced day. You sit in the high dunes to watch the sunset and get closer not only to nature, your loved ones but also yourself.

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