What’s New In The City Of Gold?

Whether the world is going left, right or crazy! One thing stands still and that is, that Dubai is NEVER going out of fashion! And we stand by what we just said! It just becomes more and more fascinating each day. Every time you think that’s all and yet it comes back the next day with a bang! Especially as the world is taking baby steps in returning to normal days, after people being locked up in their homes for such a long time (emphasis on “long” if it isn’t obvious, hehe). It’s high time to awaken the curious explorer in all of us. So pack your bags, book your flights, and ‘whooooossshhhhh! Land into the land of dreams! With such great additions to its list of charisma. You sure are in for a delightful treat. So, here is the latest addition in Dubai to add to your “Dubai Trip Itinerary – 2022”.

What’s in Dubai for you! Let’s find out. 

  • Aura Skypool
  • Dubai Marina
  • Deira Islands
  • Dubai Desert
  • Skydive Dubai
  • The Green Planet
  • IMG World of Adventures


Aura Skypool

AURA is a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that will take you to new heights in capturing the essence of Dubai. AURA is the world’s highest 360° infinity pool, suspended 200 meters in the air, with breathtaking views of the iconic Dubai skyline, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Gulf. The pad is an exquisite oasis prompted by a socially cheerful tone, ringed by lush evergreens, natural architectural features, and elevated finishing.

The space innovatively brings the outdoors in by blending the sky with natural elements such as air, water, and wind. Enjoy Dubai in a lavish way and soak up in the basking golden sun.


Dubai Marina is a popular tourist destination. This popular hotspot is located next to The Walk on Jumeirah Beach Residence and offers fantastic views, delectable restaurants, luxurious accommodations, and terrific shopping. It is located next to and wraps around Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can’t visit Dubai without taking advantage of its incredible shopping opportunities. Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are the evident two top options in the town, but Dubai Marina Mall also provides excellent retail therapy!

The best way to explore the marina is to book a private dinner on a yacht and adore the night sky and the glistening stars.


Deira Dubai

Deira, while being an older part of Dubai, has a distinct charm that never ceases to enchant visitors to the city of gold! The Deira area, in contrast to the gleaming and ultramodern towers of downtown Dubai, preserves its cultural character.

Start your adventure through this heritage city by disembarking at Deira Old Souk abra station, where you can disembark and meander among the gloomy covered market stalls while listening to Arabic talk. Incense burners, scented herbs, nuts, and other goods are also exhibited in a photogenic manner. The Dhow Market is a great place to go shopping for traditional Arabic sailing crafts. Take a small tour and dive into the ancient Dubai ambiance. I assure you it’s very fun and totally unique!


Dubai Deserts

No no, I know we promised you new additions, and Dubai Desert Safari has always been one of the must-visit places. But what if I told you that, now it is back with a bang! Experience the desert under the calm, white moon, while the dunes feel like a plush, and sit under the ghaf trees and enjoy the delicacies made by a private chef just for you! It’s like a dream come true. And I kid you not, it is very exquisite and a beautiful sight to hold! Experience the desert differently, experience Dubai differently.

The best thing about driving off-road buggies is how lightweight the frame is, which means that all of the power from the engines goes into the buggy‘s speed, ensuring you an incredible – and very high speed – time! Try this absolutely thrilling experience by steering the completely automated, two-seater off-road buggies, a thrilling ride for all.

Want to experience a buggy ride with completely copyright designs and feel the thrill yourself?


Skydive Dubai

And jump! From 10,000 feet above into nothing with a tingling feeling under your skin! God! That has to be exciting, scary and a total must-do activity for your Dubai itinerary!

The free-falling is definitely going to give you such an adrenaline rush that it will become one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. And Dubai always brings the best of the best for you, so you get a bunch of providers with meticulous safety measures and globally skilled experts. My advice? Always read the reviews before booking the service!

The Green Planet

The Green Planet Dubai

Ever been to an indoor rainforest? No, I am not joking, it’s possible and even you can experience it, but only in Dubai! The Green Planet is situated amid a variety of cafes to enjoy before or after your rainforest excursion at City Walk, one of Dubai’s most famous lifestyle zones.

The Green Planet is a tropical rainforest near Dubai. This green oasis is a haven of unusual flora and fauna, with over 3,000 types of plants, animals, and birds. It is ideal for a family vacation or a school visit, and it even hosts exciting events such as a picnic brunch, swimming with piranhas, or pretending to be a zookeeper for a day.

The Green Planet, located within Dubai’s glass dome, seeks to educate visitors about the importance of tropical forests in the health of the planet. Isn’t it fascinating and exciting?

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG World Of Adventures

Think about the world’s largest temperature-controlled, indoor-themed park. Does any name come to your mind? Let me introduce you to,
The IMG Worlds of Adventure(mandatory), often known as Dubai’s Crown Jewel, is home to a number of remarkable buildings and structures that have set world records for a variety of reasons, including its status as the world’s largest temperature-controlled indoor-themed entertainment attraction.

This park is divided into four “epic zones,” two of which are decorated with Cartoon Network and Marvel themes, and the other two are styled with legendary attractions such as IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley. Furthermore, the Dinosaur Adventures zone offers a broad choice of the most adventure activities, including one-of-a-kind adrenaline thrill rides and much more. This park got you all covered! Book the tickets online to ditch the long queues. And enjoy a day back to your childhood.