Holiday in Dubai With A Yacht Rental Trip

Looking for a sign to have a luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai? Well, here we are!

Dubai is a modern sailor’s dream! From super-fast speedboats to magnificent cruises, the hub of exciting water activities is in Dubai! If you enjoy being on the water, you will find the best yacht rental in Dubai out of the whole world. With over 1300 kilometers of clear blue water, ideal weather, and low tides the tourists and avid sailors alike are always excited to uncover the Gulf waters at any time of year, including summers, because the temperature at sea is much more bearable than the scorching heat on land. Sailing is a fantastic way to spend your time in Dubai, whether for fun, adventure, or a peaceful escape. Explore Dubai’s jewels aboard in a classic and stunningly luxurious yachting Dubai. Enjoy a breathtaking and star-like ride through the waters in a luxury yacht rental in Dubai that continues to set benchmarks of luxury; with a spacious fly-bridge, seating, and lounge area. Snap pictures in the golden hour with the blue backdrop and experience the time royally.

The spacious yacht is ideal for families, couples, or groups of friends looking to relax, make new friends, or simply sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views. There are 5-star facilities available aboard to make your experience more smooth and easy. The friendly crew, private chef, and the 5-star cuisine on the deck are the cherry on top!

So now that we got a little taste of the experience, the next question is what the activities are that will make it more fun!

Enjoy a Romantic Yacht Dinner

What’s more romantic than being with your beloved on a luxurious yacht on calm blue water and the city lights as the backdrop while enjoying a candle-lit delectable meal prepared by a private 5-star chef? Dance to slow music while stargazing in the moonlight. Make a reservation for a romantic getaway!

Get all the Friends Onboard

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Unleash the craziness and throw a wild weekend party or friend’s reunion/bachelorette party or just a get-together! Dance it out on the deck, blast music in the middle of the sea, and have a wild time with your friends while sipping martinis and feasting on a delicious buffet. Go all out with a friends-yacht-getaway.

Host a Party

Are you the party planner of the group? Up your game this time by giving your guest a lavish marine experience. Surprise your guests with a casual party and unwind or throw a super chic party and sit back and relax and enjoy 5-star amenities, meals, and a very warm and friendly crew. Get the party started by clicking here.

Spice up your Corporate Event

Replace those board room meetings with a luxurious yacht party, combining business and pleasure for a one-of-a-kind experience. Bring the team together and share some special moments! Hard workers must play even harder! Set up client meetings, promotional events, or product launches. A sailing venue is top-notch and will undoubtedly generate buzz

Experience the Dubai Life

Dubai is all about luxury, lavishness, and lushness! Experience the first-hand lavishness and a sneak-peek into Dubai life, enhance your Dubai itinerary by adding a luxurious yacht experience to the list and we guarantee it will be totally worth it! Book a luxurious adventure.

Let me tell you there is no shortfall of sailing spots in Dubai

Numerous locations offer a variety of sailing options. The following are the hotspots:

Sailing Spots in Dubai

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Dubai Marina

Located in the heart of Dubai, with pristine blue waters and skyscrapers in the milieu, Dubai Marina is a fanciable spot for a sailing voyage on a speed boat or yacht cruise, crossing by the Palm Jumeirah or Burj Al Arab, or try a sundowner or evening cruise to enjoy the picturesque nighttime vista.

Dubai Creek

The most traditional form of cruising in Dubai is, in a traditional Dhow boat in Dubai Sailing Creek. Famous for their voyage along with the historical landmarks of the city Dubai Creek is a hotspot for evening or dinner cruises in Dhow boats. The Dhow boat cruise is rich in cultural activities followed by a scrumptious buffet dinner with international cuisine.

Palm Jumeirah

Fan of fun sailing? The wide white sand beach of Jumeirah is your spot! They cover a plethora of activities such as sailing lessons, racing contests, and monthly cruise excursions (usually from October to April) both within and outside the UAE, as well as sailboats and dinghies for seafarers.

Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is the newest buzz on the list of Dubai’s sailing hotspots. Due to the sheer beautiful landmarks along the way, including the fountains, Al Habtoor City, the Design District, and the flamboyantly lit Waterfall Bridge, it became one of the most popular cruising destinations. Whilst also sailing through the water canal, you will have the opportunity to photograph iconic landmarks and relish a fancy meal.

Looking for more? Book a Luxury yacht charter in Dubai or rent out a rousing Jetski ride in dubai or a Self-drive boat and experience the action-packed water sports in Dubai.  The pricing of hiring a boat or yacht varies based on the season, sailing clubs, and the type of vessel and services provided. Just choose a sailing trip that fits your needs and budget, and cruise around on Dubai’s popular beaches and legendary landmarks