Your Guide to Celebrating New Year in Dubai 2022

Celebrations imply the pleasure and harmony of oneself and each occasion turns into a pathway to it. With New Year drawing near, Dubai is all set to welcome travelers. The land of luxury, skyscrapers, and ultramodern nightlife has constantly been the tourist vacation go-to spot to spend time and create memories with their cherished ones.

It’s the beginning of the year. A chance to start over. A chance to find yourself. Come to Dubai and see what this magical city has to offer.

These are our top reasons to be in Dubai for New Year 2022.

  • Fire and light at The Burj Khalifa
  • Adrenaline Rush Inducing Dune Buggy Safari
  • Get your Dancing Shoes on
  • A Seasonal Experience
  • EXPO 2020

Fire and light at The Burj Khalifa:

dubai new year celebration

With the architectural splendor itself, Burj Khalifa has become a dream destination for a wanderlust. On New Year’s Eve, the beauty astonishes people with the amazing firework and electric work. The eye fascinating view goes to be a memorable event for everybody who chooses this vacation spot on their travel bucket list.

Adrenaline Rush Inducing Dune Buggy Safari:

Dune Buggy Dubai

A little bit of adventure is a must-have to spice up the vibes of any trip. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a dune buggy safari. Don’t worry about a license, Explorer Tours has completely automatic self-drive dune buggies that are available. A perfect way to get a rush of adrenaline and get the blood pumping! Buggy Rides Dubai through the desert sand and enjoys sandboarding in the high red dunes. The cherry on top is the private dinner with traditional Arabic Cuisine that you get to experience in the middle of the Dubai Desert. Sound Exciting??? Hurry up and get registered at the link below!

Get your Dancing Shoes on:

Dubai New Year Celebration 2022

With the lively nightlife the city offers, the new year is incomplete without the premium DJ hosts shows. With people across the globe celebrating music and the occasion, there is no higher preference than being in the land of wealth for a new year’s eve. Accompanied by food, beverage, and breathtaking fireworks you can still bid goodbye to the previous year in Dubai.

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A Seasonal Experience:

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches but one cannot just pass over the luxurious yacht experience the city has to offer. Take the wheel and be a sailor for the day and power your own boat on this mesmerizing boat excursion of contemporary Dubai Marina and experience the driving seat of a jet ski out on the sea. Let’s start the year with a huge splash!

EXPO 2020

Yes!!! The EXPO 2020 Dubai is still going on. So for those of you who still haven’t had the chance to see the wondrous event and also those of you who haven’t had enough of it must definitely be there. The EXPO is full of amazing experiences curated to be still the audience. So it goes without saying that the EXPO will definitely have something extra special for New Year’s eve. 

It goes without saying that Dubai is the best city in the world. A city that revels in luxury and excitement. Come join us in Dubai for New Year’s 2022 and explore the marvel that the city has to offer. Let’s start this new year with a BANG!