Luxury & Sports Car Rental in Dubai

Catering to all types of luxury & sports car rental in Dubai requirements that any travelers dream to travel. Drive an exotic car without spending a fortune!

Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Choose among the largest selections of exotic and premium vehicle rentals and experience first-class Service. Pick the elite car of your choice to bring along as your companion in the life-changing journey through time that is going to stay with you forever. Catering to all types of luxury car rental requirements that any traveler dreams to travel. Drive an exotic car without spending a fortune on them. Live your dream of driving the most exquisite cars. Strike it off of your bucket list.


Ferrari 488 GTB

Experience the EXTREME PERFORMANCE and the thrill of driving. Ferrari 488 has Efficiency that has outgrown the records,Comforting sportiness, The quest for the essence with the 488 in its namesake designating the engine’s unitary displacement and the GTB abbreviation standing for Gran Turismo Berlinetta. The 488 GTB name ushers in return to the traditional Ferrari model classification. Ferrari has held up its reputation in the world of Luxurious cars ever since its launch. Live every car-obsessed rider’s dream by renting it to give color by renting Ferrari 488 GTB through us.


Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari 488 Spider is the newest rendition in the world of Luxurious cars. This Elite car 3D Printed out of your dreams has every potential to do justice to dream driving, made smooth like butter. The Ferrari 488 Spider is the most recent installment in Marinelli’s long history of open-top V8 sports cars. As its reputation precedes, you have your chance to not spend so much of your fortune and unpack your dream of driving a luxurious speed car.


Lamborghini Huracan

Every car in the Huracán name sparks shivers down the spine of riders. One of the best in its family, Lamborghini Huracán is one of the best of its kind. Let the ride bring conform to your most intense feelings. This series emphasizes authentic design and cutting-edge mechanical technology by fusing the highest expression of Lamborghini’s power with the particular refinement of Italian handicrafts. Grab your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hop onto a luxurious car and have the ride of your life without having to spend what it is actually worth. Rent your Lamborghini Huracán, now through Explorer 


Lamborghini Huracan Spider

The Huracán Spyder is a creature of the skies with its immense speed and breathtaking design, it cuts through the air in the most unique way. It is the epitome of Italian taste and hand workmanship, a sports car concept raised to the performance and sensation of a coupé. Get ready to give wings to your dreams by renting it. Cozy is just a word unless you experience the interiors of the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder. Riding this luxurious car will be the cherry on top of your chance to experience the Dubai dream in its glory.


Lamborghini Aventador S

With designs carved like a shark, the water’s most vicious predator, Lamborghini Aventador S, impersonates its elegance and strength in its own habitat. Surpassing expectations when it comes to its habitat, Lamborghini Aventador is the choice right out of your wildest dreams. Hold on, get your seatbelt on because riding this eminent luxurious car is possible through our luxury car rental service.


Mercedes G63 AMG

The Mercedes G-63 AMG has reached the second generation ever. Since it has been in production for more than 70 years, you get to ride in the most renewed version of one of the most enduring nameplates for the German carmaker, which is the perfect balance of toughness and luxury. Buckle up and rent it through us.


Mercedes S500

This real limousine is capable of precise steering befitting a much smaller, sportier car thanks to the Mercedes S500 controlling its rear wheels. When traveling at a slower speed, the rear wheels can be turned 10 degrees in the opposite direction to fit through narrow openings or make sharp curves. Grab onto your opportunity to ride this car without spending a fortune.


Range Rover Sports SVR

The Range Rover SVR boasts an edgy look mixed with an inspired performance, evoking feelings, unlike any other premium SUV. Its authoritative, muscular stance and standard 21-inch split-spoke alloy wheels add to its commanding appearance. The Range Rover Sports SVR is the most potent and capable Range Rover model to date. Thanks to careful consideration from engineers at Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), the Land Rover Center of Excellence for bespoke commissions, premium editions, and performance variants. Take your chance to live your dreams and rent the car through us to top up your Dubai Experience.


Rolls Royce Wraith / Ghost

Feel the wrath build underneath your leg as you step on the accelerator of Rolls Royce’s wraith, the luxurious car does what it does best. Grab your chance to experience the luxury. Fly like a ghost cutting through the wind on Rolls Royce Ghost. Power Steering, Power Windows Front, Anti-Lock Braking System, Air Conditioner, and front alloy wheels are only some of the most prominent features of these elite cars. Take them out for a spin and own them for the day. All you have to do is rent.


Rolls Royce Dawn

From a comfort standpoint, the Dawn Rolls Royce is your chance to experience adjustable headrests, adjustable steering, cooling for the glove box, cruise control, keyless entry, a navigation system, a digital odometer, paddle shifters, power steering, power windows, rain-sensing wipers, a rear armrest, a start/stop button, and a tachometer. Rent it to know what it feels like to ride a car and not care about money. Experience the luxury.


Rolls Royce Cullinan

Anywhere you dare to venture in Dubai, regardless of the difficulty your surroundings present, take on any challenge with complete confidence in the most competent Rolls-Royce ever made. Features that elevate your awe to its maximum. Grab your chance to experience the comfort of luxury through our luxury car rental.