Mountain Experiences

Hiking Dubai Experiences

Through Explorer, you get to hike two major attractions. Lord of trail and the Donkey trail. The mountains in Dubai sure whisper of history entrapped in them. The trails of travelers who came through great Arabia might be layered by sand but knowing that you are walking the same path as them at a different time and that your tracks become history to the hikers after you, immortalizes the beauty of trekking. You get to view the parts of flora and fauna that glorifies the beauty of UAE just as much as the synthetic and luxurious lifestyle does. The sights that you get to see cannot be explained in words. Every trail has its own story to tell and you can only hear them once you explore. For you to bring out the spirit of adventure that is tucked away within you, you must sign up for these two amazing trails that have jaw-dropping views waiting to be explored by you.


Lord Of The Trail

This intermediate hike takes about 7 hours to finish, including breaks. The ways of trail range through approximately 13 km, and for your adventure spirit to be summoned, this hike is something that you should not miss. You get to hike through rocky terrain and visiting the oasis inside the mountain makes it worth it. So, put on your hiking shoes, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen, and follow our hiking guides who are familiar with the trail like an age-old tale. The oasis might seem like a mirage in your journey. The beauty of the desert is too good to be true. But what you shouldn’t forget is to bring along at least 3 liters of water. We provide Pick up and drop-off, Expert Hiking guides, First-aid equipment, add on lunch. The hike costs AED and AED 350 with lunch.

AED350 ($95) per person with lunch

Donkey Trail

If you have found yourself to be fond of mountains more than you have ever been of beaches, you have to trail along the Donkey trail. It is not just the spirit of adventure that makes the trail worth hiking. The un and the desert open up their hearts so that they get to envision something that they will never forget in their entire life. The trail is known as Donkey trails because they are shared by donkeys and goats. Hence the hike prioritizes rest over that of the Hajar mountains.  You get to know a part of Dubai’s history tucked away through places like ancient wheat mill, cemetery and so on. To grab the opportunity, book now.

AED350 ($95) per person with lunch