Things to know before going for desert tours in Dubai


Things to know before going for desert tours in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect setting to find a nuanced balance between the old dynasties and the new. The scenery varies from world-renowned high-rise buildings to sprawling desert sand to beach fronts that will take your breath away. What is endearing about Dubai however, is the culture that has fashioned both the people and the policy that encompasses it. For the perfect getaway that you’ll never regret, choose Dubai as your preferred holiday destination!

Give your holiday a headliner and step on out to the desert to take up Desert Tours in Dubai! While the skylines are awe-inspiring and magnificent, the real magic lies in the dunes that heave and crest along the horizon and surround the concrete jungle. This desert was home to the Bedouin, whose culture shaped the region into what it is today.

Dune Buggy Safari

The best way to truly enjoy and experience this mysticism is out in the Desert Fox. In the Desert Fox, you can head out to remote areas and really get into the feel of an off-road experience. The Desert Fox is a two-seater vehicle, but you can head out on your own to immerse yourself in a dune buggy self ride experience. Having a friend along, however, will give you the added advantage of sharing this experience!

“I’m not quite sure, how safe is it?”

Rest assured, your safety will always be paramount to us. The Desert Fox is equipped with a roll cage, bucket seats, safety harnesses, state-of-the-art shock absorbers and helmets and goggle that eliminate the possibility of injury. We also provide you with a technical team that will be on call to take care of any difficulties you might have, and keep you on track!

“I can’t drive!”

That will never be a problem with the Desert Fox! You’ll be given ample instructions by our guides in a briefing before you head out. The trick is to start on the gentle slopes and get a better understanding of how the Fox operates. We’ve designed the Desert Fox to be beginner-friendly, so you’ll be on the bigger dunes in no time!

“Okay! How expensive is it?”

Dune Buggy in Dubai is a fond past-time that can be both cheap and expensive. Our Desert Fox buggies were designed by our CEO, combining aspects of both dune buggies and sand rails and warrants a price tag that comes with the experience. We make up for this by offering you transport both to and from the desert, and you can combine this experience with activities such as camel trekking or even stay on for dinner to maximise your experience with us!

“Sounds great! Where do I sign up?”

Hold on! Before you book your tickets, it is important to understand that Dubai has only two seasons, hot and scorching! The winter months bring with them cooler weather and tourists, so it may not be the best time if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. However, if you don’t mind the throng of people, then visiting Dubai between November and March is ideal.

You want to be clued up on the political situation before coming into the UAE as well. This shouldn’t deter you from visiting, as the people are amiable and hospitable. They are also very pious and take their religious practice very seriously, so you want to be dressed modestly and present yourself in a good light when interacting with residents.

Outside of your hotel, alcohol is a luxury with its exorbitant prices. You’d be better off saving your money and staying sober during your time in the UAE!

As mentioned before, Dubai is home to scorching temperatures. So please remember to apply sunscreen before you head out! If you remember these tips, you will enjoy your stay in the UAE and have a memorable experience!

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