Things To Do During the Dubai Shopping Festival 2023

As known to everyone around the world, Dubai Shopping Festival is a mega Event that most people come together to attend. If you are a shopaholic, you must get on board and check out the glory of the festival, because it only occurs for a month-long, annually. Dubai Shopping Festival dates for 2023 are 15th December 2022 to 29th January 2023 and so book your tickets right now or you may miss it. The shopping experience at DSF is as thrilling as all the adventure sports in Dubai. This month-long mega-event is definitely worth your time and travel. Let’s see what can be done in Dubai at the time of DSF 2023.

DSF Opening Extravaganza

The opening of DSF is quite a sight to see. With fireworks that blow up into colorful shimmers, the event opens up at 8:30 – 9:00 PM. The spectacular firework display extends for about 6km, they go off as the theme song of DSF plays in the background simultaneously, illuminating Dubai Vibrantly, from Business Bay, Dubai Creek all the way to the Shindagha area. It is a visual treat that you don’t want to miss out on If you have kids.

Global Village During DSF

The cuisines and cultures of Dubai can be experienced in their glory at Global village. Performers welcome visitors, entertaining them with performances representing each country represented at the global village. Various pavilions that are named after individual countries await your presence. Visit the miniature of the country of your choice and experience the mixture of emotions that pass through you as you envision mini countries right in Dubai. The global village can also satisfy your hunger for shopping as well and also for food. A true souk and fair environment. That is not it there are endless rides available for kids!
A number of cultural activities add flavor to the month-long festivities. Global Villain, among other values, will host about 10-15 performances every day by national groups. Dubai is known to offer the widest choices of cuisines. Although Global Village has the widest selection, other venues also offer ethnic food.

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Visit Mirdif Mall to Experience

Enjoy the risk-free I FLY Dubai, which is the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel in Mirdiff mall. The unique design also includes being raised 3 meters in the air which will give you a bird’s eye view over Magic planet! I FLY also corporates air conditioning to keep flyers cool while they are soaring to new heights. The wind tunnel is an amazing 101 meters tall structure with an acrylic glass wall! The state-of-the-art patented technology ensures a high degree of safety and accommodates all types of flyers; from beginners to seasoned professionals. The qualified instructors will ensure you experience flight in a controlled environment, providing you with just the right amount of airflow for the utmost flight enjoyment. You can fly without planes or parachutes, risk-free.

Promenade at Dubai Festival City in DSF

It hasn’t been long since promenade has joined in as a host of entertainment activities for visitors. It is situated at Dubai Festival City and acts perfectly as yet another DSF destination.

Al Fahidi Fort

What is a better way to brush through the history of Dubai, if not through artifacts? Dubai Museum adds an audio-visual presentation among other things. You can find traditional gift items as souvenirs. Alongside the museum lies the old Bastakiya area in Bur Dubai which offers a glimpse of the UAE’s culture and heritage.

Drone Light Show DSF

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a well-known event that attracts shoppers from all over the world. This year, the festival included a unique addition to its entertainment lineup: a drone show.

The drone show, which was held at the Dubai Festival City Mall, featured a fleet of drones that were programmed to fly in choreographed formations and create mesmerizing light displays. The drones were equipped with LED lights that could change colors and create different patterns, adding a dynamic visual element to the show.

The use of drones in this way is a relatively new concept, and it was a hit with audiences. The drones were able to fly in tight formations and create intricate patterns that would be difficult to achieve with traditional fireworks or pyrotechnics. The drones also provided a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional forms of entertainment.

The drone show was just one of the many attractions at the Dubai Shopping Festival, which also included discounts on products, live music, and other performances. The festival, which has been running for over two decades, is a major event on the city’s calendar, and it continues to attract visitors from all over the world.

Overall, the drone show at the Dubai Shopping Festival was a spectacular addition to the entertainment lineup, offering visitors a unique and visually stunning experience and showcasing the advancements in technology and their implementation in the entertainment industry. The use of drones in this way is a sign of things to come, as we can expect to see more and more creative uses of drones in the entertainment world in the future.

Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates

Discover ski Dubai the first indoor ski resort on the number list it is a unique and mountain-themed adventure setting where you can enjoy skiing, and snowboarding, take part in many show events and meet and play with the snow Penguins! All you have to do is roll down the giant bold, run or jump a 10 feet ramp, spiral down the tube slides you can sightsee in the chairlift, or just relax over a cup of hot chocolate at minus 4 degrees.

Ski School
You can find a skills school that offers a wide variety of lessons from learning the basics to improvising to polishing your skills. Hop on and get to the next level.
Penguin Encounter
Experience an exclusive and unique up close and personal interaction with these remarkable birds.
Snow Bullet
You can drive the snow bullet and soar as high as 16 meters above the ground with skiers and slopes below you all while racing games with family and friends at a 150-meter-long zip line.

Kiosks In DSF

Kiosks is situated on the street of malls. It can offer bargains on accessories electronics and other products. Why not grab a few accessories and electronics while you are at DSF.

Along with these, you get to do much more like watching Street performers and street carnivals that light up the nights of Dubai. You could go to children’s fun fairs in global village visit Al Seef Street and shop shop shop did you drop.