Romantic Things to Do in Dubai for Valentine’s Day

Private Romantic Dinner In Dubai Desert

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we know how important this day can be, so we’ve come up with a list of things to do in Dubai during Valentine’s Day that could help you plan a night to remember! Dinner at Pai Thai, Madinat Jumeirah The Thai cuisine at Pai Thai is nothing to scoff […]

A Timeless Experience – Dune Buggy in Dubai

What constitutes a great and adventurous day? How about a round of the Desert Fox Dune Buggy in Dubai? Explorer Tours will make it so you get doorstep pickup and drop off from your hotel in Dubai. Once you reach the desert, you’ll be given a quick instruction on how to handle the sand cars. […]

The Desert Fox Experience – A Dune Buggy in Dubai Guide

Need an offbeat and interesting way to enjoy the sands of the desert? How about a ride in our notoriously famous Desert Fox dune buggies? Among the many dune buggies in Dubai, the Desert Fox stands out as being a cut above the rest and the Explorer Tours Dune Buggy packages are right up your […]

The Magic of the Sand – Thrilling Desert Activities in Dubai!

Dubai isn’t known for being the Desert City for nothing! Hit the sands with a wide range of activities in Dubai courtesy yours truly, whether you’re looking to up the ante on the adrenaline rush or kick back, relax and enjoy an overnight escape under the splendid night skies! REV UP FOR DUNE BUGGY IN […]

Things to do in Dubai during Christmas

It’s that time of year again, where hotels, bars and restaurants take up the festive spirit in a big way with events and specials that will definitely have you feeling warm and Christmassy! Here is our list of festive events that you should check out when in Dubai during Christmas. Visit Reform Christmas Market One […]

Things to Know Before Going on a Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai

Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect setting to find a nuanced balance between the old dynasties and the new. The scenery varies from world-renowned high-rise buildings to sprawling desert sand to beach fronts that will take your breath away. What is endearing about Dubai however, is the culture that has fashioned both the people and the policy […]

Adventure Activities in Dubai during Summer

If you’ve been asking yourself what to do in Dubai during summer, I hear you. The city goes underground during the day because of the scorching hot temperatures outside. I remember when I first touched down in Dubai, how the air felt when I got out of the lap of air conditioning. The blast of […]

The Real Difference Between a Sand Rail and a Dune Buggy.

The Real Difference Between a Sand Rail and a Dune Buggy.

While similar in some respects to each other, there are key differences to be noted between the two recreational vehicles of the desert – the Dune Buggy and the Sand Rail. Often thought to be one and the same, Here are Some Key differences Between the Two: Dune Buggy Dune Buggies are recreational vehicles that […]